How To Make Corporate Gifting More Meaningful

How To Make Corporate Gifting More Meaningful

Discover how EarthHero Corporate Gifting transforms the mundane into meaningful with sustainable and ethically sourced gifts. Dive into a world of personalized, diverse, and philanthropic options, fostering connections that go beyond the ordinary. Make a statement with gifts that echo your company's values and leave a lasting impression.

Corporate gifting doesn’t have to be the same old boring mug or scratchy t-shirt! Say goodbye to uninspiring gifts destined for the landfill; embrace a new era of corporate gifting that not only aligns with your company's values but resonates with the unique individuality of each recipient

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Here are 5 ways you can make corporate gifting meaningful.

1. Choose Sustainable Products

Make a statement by choosing eco-friendly gifts that mirror your commitment to sustainability. From reusable water bottles to tote bags and bamboo utensils, EarthHero's sustainable offerings not only contribute to reducing your carbon footprint but also eliminate the clutter of disposable items.

Terra Thread

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The Lupa Tote Bag from Terra Thread is the ultimate carry-all! Made from heavy-weight 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton in a Fair Trade Certified Factory, this durable bag can be used for grocery shopping, work trips, and so much more....

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Don't have time to do the research? That's where EarthHero comes in! All the products on our site have passed our strict sustainability standards. Explore our eco-friendly options here.

2. Ethical Sourcing

Elevate your corporate gifts by sourcing from ethically responsible brands. Choose brands that use Safe and Fair Labor, you can also choose gifts that support social responsibility causes, reinforcing the ethical foundation of your company.

3. Diversity and Inclusion

Celebrate diversity and inclusion through gifts that reflect various cultures and backgrounds. EarthHero encourages you to acknowledge the uniqueness of each employee, co-worker, client, or customer. Embrace a world where differences are celebrated, and everyone finds a place. With our Shop By Values sorting capabilities, you can support Women-Owned, Black-Owned brands, and more.

4. Personalization

Forge deeper connections by customizing gifts according to individual preferences. Whether your recipients love to explore in the outdoors or stay cozy at home, EarthHero offers personalized gifts that seamlessly integrate into their lives. Show that you value personal connections and individuality. Personalize your gifts here.

5. Philanthropy

Take your corporate gifting to the next level by contributing to social causes. EarthHero donates a portion of every order to nonprofit organizations at no extra cost to you. This helps emphasize your shared values with each recipient. Let this selfless act create a bond that goes beyond material possessions.


EarthHero Corporate Gifting ensures your gifts transcend the ordinary, aligning with your company's core values and leaving a lasting impact. Ditch the generic, meaningless gifts for a personalized experience that says, 'Thank you! I see you, I respect you, and I want to work alongside you to accomplish meaningful things.' Connect with us to embark on a unique gifting journey that showcases your true values. Your employees and clients deserve nothing less! Reach out to us and make corporate gifting meaningful today!

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