About EarthHero

EarthHero Corporate Gifting is an online marketplace dedicated to making sustainable gifting and SWAG easy! Every product on our site must meet our high sustainability standards, and we ship all of our orders plastic-free and carbon-neutral. Simply put, we’re a bunch of earth-loving folks who take business seriously when it comes to helping companies and organizations source gifts responsibly. Please contact us today and meet one of our sustainable gifting specialists.
Our passionate product team works diligently to bring businesses the most sustainable and inspiring products available. If it’s on EarthHero, you know it’s truly sustainable! Sustainability means different things to different people, and we admire eco-minded businesses of all backgrounds, beliefs, and practices. You can learn more about how we source products here!! Is there a brand you’re stoked about that we should check out? Let us know!


Our mission at EarthHero is to make sustainable shopping so easy, everyone does it. And yet, not everyone has the same experience with sustainability. Climate change, pollution, & toxic waste disproportionately affect minorities and people of color, yet these groups are more likely to be excluded from the green movement. Numerous distresses of institutional racism are interwoven with environmental degradation, and it is up to those who have the privilege to stand up to this injustice.

We cannot and will not see true environmental progress until we first address racial inequality. As we grow EarthHero, we will be intentional about change and not just well-intentioned. We’ve taken a look at our brands, non-profit partners, & our overall product assortment. We pledge to bring on more brands from minority-owned businesses and to ensure that our non-profit partnerships include organizations focused on environmental and social justice.

We’re aware that it’s on us, as individuals and as a company to ensure that all employees are encouraged to deepen their knowledge on these important topics. We pledge to conduct immersive diversity and anti-racism training and to focus on building a more diversified workforce in order to bring different perspectives to this movement.

Climate justice and racial justice are complex, but connected, issues. We stand with those fighting for answers and advocating for change. Our mission is to unite people and the planet and to do so, we must first confront issues of racism and inequality.
EarthHero does all the hard work for you so that you can trust anything that you order will only do good. Our product team thoroughly reviews every vendor and product that we carry to ensure that everything from material extraction, manufacturing, and end of life, are all thought about and carried out ethically and responsibly. As a Climate Neutral Certified Company, EarthHero offsets all of our carbon emissions, and we ship everything plastic-free for a truly zero-waste experience.
Yes, we are! From public transparency to environmental performance (and so much more), being a B Corp means we’re working alongside a network of companies looking to redefine what success in business really means. Businesses awarded the B Corp title have met the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. We’ve been assessed and scored on how our company impacts our workers, customers, community, and the environment – and then this information is released to the public via the B Corp directory. Being a Certified B Corp isn’t just a one-and-done thing, but rather an ongoing adventure into becoming the best version of ourselves! Like other B Corp companies, we are constantly looking for ways to increase our Impact Assessment Score and our sustainability efforts as a whole.
You betcha! We have been committed to reducing our carbon footprint since the very beginning – and getting Climate Neutral Certified in 2021 meant taking our climate commitment to the next level. We measured and offset the prior year’s carbon footprint and reduced our emissions moving forward through this process. We purchased carbon credits through Climate Neutral, which goes towards climate change solutions like renewable energy development and reforestation projects. The Climate Neutral Certification process also involves making a plan to enact real and lasting changes to lower our overall emissions – with the goal of one day reaching zero emissions.
Absolutely! EarthHero is proud to be a member of 1% For The Planet. We donate 1% of our sales annually towards sustainability initiatives and organizations that give back to the planet. Luckily for us, many of our brands are also members, which makes our impact even greater! Plus, all team members at EarthHero also take part in local environmental initiatives to support our community.
EarthHero donates 1% of every order, and we give you the choice of where you want to see that impact happen. Our main partners are Eden Reforestation Project, Ocean Blue, and Brave Trails, but let us know if there is a specific cause that your company loves, and we will find an organization to donate to!


You can browse and select your products directly on our site, or you can chat with one of our gifting discovery experts to dial in on the perfect product. When you find everything you are looking for on our website, you can add your order to your cart. From there, you can submit your order for review. Our team will look over everything to ensure accuracy, and send a payment link via email to confirm the order.

Yes, we can typically rush orders. We also offer a 48-hour turnaround on a variety of products.

We can warehouse your purchased products to be sent out as needed. Employee anniversary, retention, and recognition gifts are the perfect way to utlize our inventory capabiliteis. We will create a process for you to easily submit products to be shipped on a rolling basis.

Please reach out to hello@earthherogifting.com if this is something you are interested in!

Yes, we can ship samples


We can customize just about any product. Certain products require specific decoration methods, but our list below covers most basis.

  • Custom Label - Whether it be an embroidered patch or a velcro rubber-like label, we can create a custom label for any purpose.
  • Digital Printing - Allows you to print photo like images in a single location or wrapped 360 degrees around the product.
  • Dye Sublimation - Make your design stand for the test of time with dye sublimation. Complex or simple designs work best for this method.
  • Embroidery - Stitch your logo onto products like tote bags, t-shirts, blankets, or towels. Best for simple logos or messages, with a high-quality, luxury feel.
  • Engraving - Add your branding to water bottles, bamboo utensils, home decor products, and much more. Best for simple logos or messages.
  • Heat Transfer - We’ll help customize clothing and accessories so your team can wear your logo proudly with a high-quality, sharp, heat transfer design or pattern.
  • Pad Printing - Great for small logos with a lot of detail and different colors.
  • Screenprint - Perfect for company t-shirt or jackets, backpacks, and more. We’re able to support complex logos and branding through multi-layered prints.
  • UV Printing - Put a personal touch on office basics and more with UV printing. Print complex images, designs, and more at speed.
A vector format, such as .eps, .ai, or .pdf.
We don’t yet, but we will! Let one of our reps know the product you wish to purchase, and our team will find a truly sustainable option for you!
Absolutely. We will not begin production on any order until the mockups we send are approved by you.
We offer the option to add-on a custom print insert to each gift box. You have complete control over the content on the card, but we do offer a template if you need a place to start.

Gift Cards

You sure can! With the option to send a gift card to each individual email address, or receive a list of gift card codes, ordering gift cards in bulk has never been easier.
We can send gift cards within minutes of placing the order.
Our gift cards do not expire, giving the recipient the power to choose what they want, and when they want it!
In line with our mission, we do not send physical gift cards, as they contribute to more waste than is necessary. Ask us about creating a personalized template to email to each recipient!


Every order will be set up to pay via bank transfer (ACH) or wire, if international, unless otherwise noted by the customer. For credit card payments, a 3.5% credit card processing fee will be applied to the order total.
Send your tax exemption certification to invoices@earthhero.com and we will waive the tax on your order.


Yes, we do! We can ship just about anywhere in the world, including to individual recipient’s homes. Please provide a full list of verified addresses before the order is placed to ensure timely delivery.
We always recommend ordering a few extra products in case anything gets lost in the mail. If the package is returned to our warehouse, we will ship it back out and issue an invoice to you for that shipment amount.
Yes, we can ship overnight and 2-day air, with all carbon emissions offset.
We will send a tracking number for each box sent out- whether it be one bulk box, or 500 individual shipments.