Why Your Company Should Gift Sustainably for the Holidays

Why Your Company Should Gift Sustainably for the Holidays

Discover the top reasons why EarthHero's Corporate Gifting program is the ideal choice for a stress-free, sustainable, and impactful corporate gifting experience. Improve employee relations, boost productivity, and show your company's commitment to the planet.

The holiday season brings joy, but also the hustle of year-end tasks. Amidst the chaos, EarthHero is your ally, making corporate gifting sustainable and hassle-free. Discover why prioritizing EarthHero's Corporate Gifting program this season is not just a trend but a strategic move for your company's success.

1. Environmental Impact

Sustainable sourcing is at the core of EarthHero's ethos. Our 5 Pillars of Sustainable Sourcing ensure that every product aligns with eco-friendly values. As a 1% for the Planet member, 1% of sales support environmental causes, contributing to a greener future. Plastic-free packaging and carbon offset shipments make our gifts planet-friendly and remind your recipients of your company's values.

2. Employee Relations and Productivity

In the realm of corporate gifting, the primary objective is not merely financial gain but rather a strategic investment in relationship-building. Nurturing the happiness and well-being of diligent employees is pivotal for overall company morale. This sentiment is widely shared, with 40% of employers (and an even more substantial 50% within the manufacturing sector) acknowledging the paramount role of 'employee productivity' among the top three advantages of corporate gifting.

Moreover, a noteworthy 43% of companies prioritize 'improved employee relationships' within their top three benefits of corporate gifting, surpassing considerations such as lead generation and enhanced sales. Astonishingly, a resounding 96% of respondents affirmed that previous corporate gifting initiatives effectively enhanced their relationships with employees. Evidently, adopting a responsible and thoughtful approach to gifting proves to be a potent strategy for fostering the coveted attributes of trust and robust relationships.

3. Employee Retention

The correlation between enhanced employee relations and heightened productivity naturally extends to a consequential uptick in employee retention. Astonishingly, while only 30% of corporate gift-givers explicitly prioritize 'employee retention' in their gifting rationale, a staggering 97% affirm that corporate gifting significantly contributes to improved employee retention at their respective companies. In essence, though not the primary focus, fostering employee retention emerges as an undeniable by-product of conscientious gifting practices—a trend that warrants careful consideration.

Amidst the atypical landscape of the past few years, staying attuned to critical business trends, particularly the surge in employee turnover from 42.6% to 57.3% in the U.S. from 2016 to 2020, is imperative. For many companies grappling with the challenges of maintaining employee morale in the era of remote work, prioritizing employee contentment and retention becomes a pressing concern. It is crucial to recognize that enhancing employee retention is not an onerous task but rather a strategic imperative. The costs associated with employee turnover, ranging from one-half to two times an individual's annual salary, underscore the financial impact of losing valuable talent.

Enterprises can proactively address this challenge by incorporating seemingly simple yet powerful gestures such as regular employee appreciation—whether through frequent celebrations or thoughtful gifts. These initiatives represent not just a token of gratitude but a deliberate and effective strategy to preserve and nourish the invaluable talent that forms the backbone of any thriving organization.

4. Helps with Client Relations

In 2020, a notable trend emerged as many companies redoubled their efforts to fortify employee and client relationships, strategically navigating the evolving landscape of professional interactions. With the ongoing shift towards reduced business-related travel as the new standard, it becomes paramount for companies to uphold and enhance crucial client relations in the absence of traditional face-to-face interactions. A pivotal and effective approach to achieve this is through gifting, a sentiment echoed by 59% of employers who, in the past year, identified 'staying connected with clients/prospects' as a primary motivation for increased gifting.

Looking beyond the recent surge in client-relations trends, it's essential to recognize that client gifting has perennially played a pivotal role in professional courtesy and relationship-building. A substantial 42% of corporate gift-givers specifically cited 'client nurturing and engagement' as a distinct gifting occasion, alongside traditional events such as holidays and conferences. The impact of gifting extends beyond mere transactions—it builds trust and imparts a sense of value, underlining the recipient's significance to the company's overall success. In essence, gifting emerges as a powerful tool for fostering enduring relationships and affirming the mutual importance between companies and their clients.

5. Create a Unique Experience

Ensuring the quality and experience of gifts is paramount, whether in personal or business contexts. According to Coresight, the top criteria for gift buyers include product quality (88%), timely delivery (82%), gift variety (81%), and a straightforward gifting process (78%). At EarthHero, we excel in meeting these criteria.

Product Quality & Variety:

All our products undergo rigorous vetting for quality and sustainability. Sourced from the finest materials like stainless steel, stonewashed linen, and robust bamboo, our offerings guarantee longevity with an elevated look and feel. We firmly believe that gifts should leave a lasting impression. Corporate buyers partnering with EarthHero can personalize their gifts by adding company logos, curating bespoke gift boxes, or opting for our proven ready-made gift boxes that consistently delight recipients.

Timely Delivery:

In acknowledgment of the evolving work landscape with remote or hybrid environments, we alleviate the stress of coordinating numerous gifts. Whether your workforce is centralized or spread globally, our flexible shipping options, including international delivery, cater to your needs. Choose to dispatch gift boxes individually to each employee or collectively to your office—it's your call.

Gifting Simplicity:

We simplify the gifting experience with an array of ready-made gift boxes catering to diverse employee tastes. Our flagship offering, The Eco-Office Box, features a customizable insulated water bottle from Klean Kanteen. Explore additional options like The Zero Waste Expert and The Kitchen Expert gift boxes, each comprising sustainable and high-quality products destined to become staples for your employees. If you prefer bypassing gift boxes, our user-friendly gift cards, ranging from $10 to $500, offer a versatile solution. Notably, sustainable gift cards are eagerly anticipated by 54% of employees/receivers, allowing them to choose their preferred essentials from our EarthHero marketplace—a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

6. Corporate Social Responsibility

Collaborating with EarthHero signifies your company's commitment to environmental and social causes. Our brands, along with EarthHero, hold a myriad of third-party certifications. As a certified B Corp, a proud member of 1% for the Planet, and Climate Neutral Certified, we ensure that every order you place and ship leaves no carbon impact. Taking it a step further, we invest in carbon credits on your behalf, supporting reforestation projects equivalent to the carbon emissions generated by your package.

While certifications are crucial, we at EarthHero also value a company's ethics, generosity, and identity, actively promoting awareness of social and environmental responsibility beyond certification boundaries.

Choosing EarthHero translates into supporting not just our mission but a diverse range of businesses, including Black-owned businesses, or women-owned businesses.  Your support extends beyond a transaction; it's a contribution to a community committed to making a positive impact on both social and environmental fronts.

How to Get Started

Prioritize corporate gifting with EarthHero's Sustainable Corporate Gifting. Explore our website for ready-made gift boxes, custom products, or quick-ship gifts. Contact Danny Irving at corporategifting@earthhero.com to embark on a memorable, stress-free holiday season.

Make a lasting impression this holiday season. Choose EarthHero for sustainable corporate gifting that aligns with your values and leaves a positive impact. Don't wait—start your journey now. Your employees and clients will thank you.

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