Common Struggles of Gifting for Employees and Clients

Common Struggles of Gifting for Employees and Clients

Our corporate gifting expert has heard complaints about the same struggles over and over. Picking a gift for a team, small or large, can be stressful and difficult. EarthHero works hard to take away those struggles and make gifting a breeze.

Hey, Danny here. I'm EarthHero's corporate gifting manager, and I want to chat with you about the struggles of giving gifts. 

Have you ever been to a birthday party as a kid and given a gift, only to find out that the birthday boy/girl already has that same gift?

On my 6th birthday, I had asked my parents all year for a Rock Em Sock Em Robots toy set- the kind where the robot's head would pop off when you gave them a nice uppercut. They graciously obliged and put up with the sound of plastic hitting plastic for weeks on end. 

I must have mentioned that I wanted this toy to my friends frequently because when two of them gave me this exact gift at my birthday party, I shouted, “Look! I already have this toy!” and brought it out and started to play with it. My mom politely thanked the parents of the kids and reminded me to show appreciation for the generous gift they had given me. After all this time, I still remember my friend’s expressions and feel bad that I didn’t thank them initially. 

Imagine the above scenario on a much larger scale where you are the one deciding the annual holiday gift for your company of 100 employees; 200 employees; 1,000 employees; or even 10,000 employees. It would seem nearly impossible to find a gift that everyone would enjoy, use, or not already have (unless you have the budget of Miles Bron in Knives Out 2).

Luckily, EarthHero is here to address this all-too-common struggle and more. We’ve laid out the top four issues that decision-makers face when shopping for corporate gifts and highlight how EarthHero is able to not only solve each problem but help elevate your brand at the same time!

Struggle #1: Finding a truly unique gift

As mentioned, finding one gift that so many different people will all enjoy is likely to add a bit of stress to whoever is in charge of selecting the gift. If the recipients complain to management about not liking the gifts, defects with them, or any other trouble that arises, it can come off as lacking thoughtfulness, not to mention being a waste of money. 

EarthHero offers a wide variety of gifts, and with our ever-expanding collection, you can come back year after year and find something new to give your team. In line with our mission, we only offer gifts that are functional and built to last. Even if products are made sustainably, if they just sit in the closet for years on end and aren’t used, it is just a waste of materials. We provide gifts that recipients will actually want to use. 

Struggle #2: Managing the fulfillment process and shipping 

So you’ve just ordered all of your holiday gifts, and they arrived at your office in multiple large boxes, filled with tinier boxes with more product. Great! Now you just have to unbox everything, package it into the correct shipping boxes, tape everything up, and determine the best way to ship to so many different individual addresses (thanks, Covid), and you are all set! Simple enough…right?

Whether it be shipping a custom product in bulk, shipping gift boxes to recipient’s homes, or managing stock levels and fulfilling on an as-needed basis, EarthHero’s got you covered. We can ship internationally to an individual’s home while taking care of any international fees you are used to. Let the professionals worry about ensuring a stellar gift presentation- we will pack each box as if we were hand-delivering each gift. 

Struggle #3: Sourcing a gift in line with your mission and values

As more of the workforce look for companies that align with their personal values, businesses are stepping up their mission statements and actually making a greater positive impact. Whether it be through implementing cleaner energy solutions, expanding a DEI team, or doing more around the office to promote sustainability, employees are holding their employers responsible for taking a stance on societal and environmental issues.

Struggle #4: Shopping with multiple vendors

I think we have all been there at least once before- 20 tabs open on your computer, not even able to see which tab is which anymore, researching products and comparing the prices of each. It’s all fun and games until your computer crashes, or you accidentally exit out of a tab and can’t remember which product you were viewing. 

We can take care of all of that work for you. You will have a dedicated account rep from the get-go who is an expert on sustainable gifting. Whether you prefer to research on your own or have our team present you with the best options suited to your needs, you will be able to easily place one order with over 100 different brands, making your job a breeze. 


The idea of corporate gifting can be an overwhelming and daunting task. With so many recipient’s approval riding on the shoulders of just a few decision-makers, it’s no wonder these decisions come with stress. Let EarthHero help guide you this year in delivering a unique, satisfying, and practical gift to your team that they will be truly happy to receive. 

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