Elevating Corporate Culture: A Sustainable Partnership with Fors Marsh

Elevating Corporate Culture: A Sustainable Partnership with Fors Marsh

Why They Chose EarthHero:

Recently, Fors Marsh a certified B Corp with a team of nearly 500 employees sought to reimagine their corporate gifting strategy. A team of researchers, advisors and communicators, working together to shape the systems that shape our lives, the company focuses on using their business as a force for good. Fors Marsh is a remote-first organization.

With this in mind, they aimed to align with a partner that shared their company values. Enter EarthHero Corporate Gifting – a company dedicated to sustainability and purpose-driven initiatives. 

“The range of options available was initially overwhelming, but EarthHero made it easy to put together a few options for leadership to approve.”

The Challenge:

In the midst of a global pandemic, Fors Marsh faced the particular challenge of hosting their annual company-wide team meeting with high expectations after a long hiatus of in-person events. Additionally, an exciting rebranding effort in the fall of 2022 meant the gifts had to reflect their new identity while fostering a sense of community and pride. They needed a partner who could deliver sustainable, meaningful, and visually cohesive gifts to their entire team and a company that would flawlessly execute the project.


About Fors Marsh: 

At Fors Marsh, we take on issues that matter. As a team of researchers, advisors, and communicators, we work together to shape the systems that shape our lives. Fueled by empathy and grounded in evidence, we bring together the science of research and the art of communication. We look at human behavior from all angles to design targeted solutions that influence decision-making and move people to action. Fors Marsh is a certified B Corp and a Just employer and, has been named a Top Workplaces USA awardee for several years. More information is available at forsmarsh.com.


“The high demand for extras, and EarthHero's personalized approach, was all the affirmation we needed on the success of this delivery.”

The EarthHero Method:

EarthHero Corporate Gifting initiated the collaboration with a comprehensive discovery call, understanding Fors Marsh's timeline, budget, product ideas, and overall project goals. Throughout all of this, we adhere to our sourcing methodology to ensure all prodcuts presented to Fors Marsh are truly sustainable and responsibly made, extinguishing any fear of greenwashing. This process involved multiple product iterations, custom branding, bundling into zero-waste gift boxes (recycled kraft krinkle fill, plastic-free paper tape, and recycled gift box and shipping box), a post-consumer customized notecard, and efficient bulk shipping to both event locations and individual addresses, for those that couldn’t make it to the event. Detailed communication was key, ensuring all recipients received the correct sized hoodie and timely notifications. 

Results and Conclusion: 

The delivered gift boxes exceeded expectations, fostering a shared experience amongst Fors Marsh employees. The intentional gifts not only showcased the company's appreciation for their people but also reinforced its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Key Achievements:

  • Diverse Product Selection: EarthHero displayed a determination to explore and source gifts that strongly resonated with a diverse group of recipients.
  • Logistical Expertise: Ability to split shipments, match t-shirt sizes, and bundle multiple products into a cohesive gift box showcased logistical prowess.
  • Sustainability Commitment: From plastic-free and zero-waste shipping to carbon-neutral processes, EarthHero exceeded environmental expectations. Each product presented is sourced from verifiable vendors whose commitments to environmental stewardship and responsible manufacturing are of paramount priority. 
  • Social Impact: Charitable donations to Brave Trails, plastic bottles repurposed into new products, and freshwater donations to charity: water, a non-profit that provides clean drinking water to those in need, demonstrated a commitment to making a positive impact.


Fors Marsh's quest for professional yet inspiring corporate gifts aligned seamlessly with EarthHero Corporate Gifting's mission. The collaboration not only delivered on expectations but surpassed them, setting a standard for sustainability, purpose-driven gifting, and building a stronger sense of community within the company. This case study stands as a testament to the transformative power of intentional corporate gifting in elevating company culture and values. 

“I’ve never had another company ever do that” - on EarthHero asking for a call after the project to discuss wins, challenges, and overall experience.

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