Employee Gift Guide: Eco-friendly gift boxes for every personality

Employee Gift Guide: Eco-friendly gift boxes for every personality

Employee gifting is an important way to recognize and appreciate the hard work of your employees. Learn how EarthHero has creatively curated eco-friendly gift boxes, featuring sustainable gifts for your corporate gifting needs.

Are you looking to source creative and meaningful gifts for your amazing employees? Employee gifts are the perfect way to express that their efforts and contributions are valued. Employee gifting can improve motivation at work, and increase job satisfaction and loyalty to the company. At EarthHero Gifting, we are well aware of the value of hard-working and dedicated employees, that’s why we’ve curated several categories of gift boxes to help your company say ‘thank you!’ Come and take a look at some of our most popular employee gift boxes! 

First off, we have the Eco-Office Gift Box. Perfect for the caffeine lover that takes notes the old-fashioned way. With an insulated tumbler, individual coffee bags, and an eco-friendly notebook, they are sure to find a new level of inspiration at work with their Eco-Office Gift Box!

Image of a sustainable giftbox that includes coffee bags, a notebook, pen, and more

Do you have an active, outdoorsy employee that deserves a gift of appreciation? Look no further! For this particular human, we’ve created the Active & Outside Gift Box. Featuring outdoor essentials from sustainable companies like Cotopaxi, Klean Kanteen, and All Good, this stellar employee will be well-prepared to tackle their favorite outdoor activities.

Image of a sustainable gift box that includes a Cotopaxi Hip Pack, a Klean Kanteen To-Go Mug, bamboo cutlery, and eco-friendly sunscreen by All Good

We all know those people who are absolute rockstars at prioritizing self-care. Honestly, that’s probably why they are such valuable employees. They know how to rest and relax, allowing them to bring their A-game to the office. The Relax Gift Box was created for them! Featuring an EarthHero candle, tea essentials, and a beautiful natural soap bar, this box will mindfully add to their already admirable self-care routine!

Image of a sustainable gift box that includes a candle from Hive to Home, a canister of rea from Flying Bird Botanicals, hand soap from Soap Distillery and a to-go mug from Klean Kanteen

For the employee that loves to travel! These adventurous employees are always on the go, visiting new places, and filling their travel desires. The Travel Gift Box is for them! With a toiletry bag from Terra Threads, an EarthHero on-the-go utensils, David’s travel toothpaste, and other essential toiletries, they will be ready to hop on their next travel adventure.

Image of a sustainable gift box that includes travel sized products like shampoo from Plain Products, lip balm from Meow Meow Tweet, a bamboo toothbrush travel case from Humble Col and a dopp kit from Terra Thread

Did someone say coffee? I once heard someone say they loved coffee so much, they even loved smelling it on someone else’s breath. That might be taking it a little far, but the point is that there are some serious coffee lovers out there and The Coffee Gift Box is made just for them! This box features sustainably harvested coffee and tea, and a reusable to-go mug that will help this caffeine-lover buzzing for hours. 

Image of a sustainable gift box that includes coffee bags from Steeped Coffee, tea from Flying Birds Botanicals, and a to-go mug from Klean Kanteen

Who rules the world? Girls! Do you have an employee who is always championing women to go out and make it happen? This kick-ass Woman-Owned Gift Box is for them! Every product in this gift box is made by a woman-owned brand. Featuring a beeswax candle, handmade soap, an aloe-based travel-sized lotion, and a charcoal water filter, this gift box will appeal to everyone.

Image of a sustainable gift box that includes a candle from Hive to Home, a to-go mug from Klean Kanteen, tea from Flying Bird Botanicals and hand soap from Soap Distillery

Do you have an employee that’s passionate about sustainability in their home? Or maybe someone that is just starting out on a sustainability journey? Help them keep showing up strong for the planet by gifting this Sustainable Home Gift Box which includes items like sustainable food storage and cleaning essentials. This gift will be sure to warm the eco-friendly homemaker’s heart.

Image of a sustainable gift box that includes swedish dishcloths, to-go cups from To-Go Ware, and produce bags from Bagito

What’s a B Corp, you ask? B Corps are companies verified to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Our B Corp Bundle Gift Box is stocked with product brands that meet these standards and is the perfect gift for that environmentally and socially discerning employee.

Image of a sustainable gift box that includes a to-go mug from Klean Kanteen, a stone notebook from A Good Co. and more

Whew! I think we covered it. But, if you still didn’t find that unique and particular gift box you were looking for, give us a shout. We can curate any gift box your heart desires for your employee gifting needs. You can also check out our full list of giftable product in our Corporate Gifting Catalog. Ready to get started? Let's get gifting!


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