Sustainable Corporate Gifting Made Simpler

Sustainable Corporate Gifting Made Simpler

Gifting at your workplace doesn't have to be daunting. With EarthHero's Corporate Gifting Program, you can rest assured your promotional products and employee appreciation gifts are high-quality, priced well, and are enjoyed for years to come. Read more below!

We all love the surprise of receiving fun and personalized gifts. But how many times have you received an uninspired and poorly made keychain, water bottle, or t-shirt? Have you had any of these products for more than a few years? A few months, even?

The promotional products industry is filled with a lot of landfill-bound, plastic-rich, and otherwise unsustainable products that are made quickly without the planet in mind. While it is possible to receive a branded product within 5 days of ordering, it likely won’t leave an impression on the recipient, let alone your brand. 

When companies take the time to invest thoughtfully in the products they give, by partnering with a sustainable company, it reflects positively on them and looks good for their brand. Most importantly, it’s good for our planet and supports stronger supply chains, fair working conditions, responsible sourcing, and a sustainable end of life for these products. Plus, of course, a gift that will be genuinely appreciated and utilized! 

Corporate gifting encapsulates a wide range of needs. Have an event coming up that you want a branded product to give out to attendees? Or need a gift to impress a client? What about showing love to your employees? 

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