Our Team

Helping you live more sustainably, wherever you are.

We’re a small (but mighty!) team, where everyone is an active contributor towards our goal of building a more sustainable world. Everyone — you, me, we — is on their own unique sustainability journey, where we’re constantly learning as we go. For our part, we’re eager to share what we’ve discovered with you, your neighbor, your cat, or anyone who will listen, really. Building a more sustainable world will take all of us learning and consuming more consciously, and anyone is welcome and encouraged to come along. If you want to join our team, get a culture-vibe check, or meet us, you’ve come to the right place.

So what’s the culture like? Really, though.

EarthHero was built from a place of sincerity in reducing wasteful consumption, where everyone’s values directly impact our mission. Today, we amplify our team member’s values through their voices, experience and skills; creating a culture of hyper collaboration and contribution from each member. Honestly, we’re pretty jazzed about each other and sustainability tips get us going.

Breath Breaks

Around noon, we pause from work for a moment of mindfulness, often involving breathing exercises, yoga stretches or meditations. Flexibility never required.

Warehouse Shifts

Each Monday, team members pack orders in our warehouse, learn more about our products, connect with customers, and collaborate with one another — all orchestrated to some great music!

Company Retreats

During this time, the company comes together to discuss our collective company goals for the year to come, and brainstorm ways we can further our mission and increase impact.

JEDI Committee

To lead our Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) initiatives, team members participate in contributing ideas by department, and regularly report on progress monthly.

Meet our team

Ryan Lewis

Founder & CEO

A dad, husband, nature junky and entrepreneur, Ryan left behind the more traditional world of business to follow his passion for environmental sustainability. With two decades of ecommerce experience and a desire to help tackle our society’s harmful consumption norms, EarthHero was born. “We want to make sustainable shopping the new norm. I imagine a day when every time you want or need to buy something, it’s sustainably made. It’s a movement that’s already underway. We aim to accelerate it!” When not in the office you’ll find him at CrossFit, or outside biking, hiking, snowboarding, trail running and playing with his family.

Damir Kocer

Product Manager & Business Analyst

After cutting his teeth in the Chicago agency world, Damir began searching for a career that better aligned with his passion for sustainability. Less than six months after moving to Colorado, he found just that with the team at EarthHero. Helping to improve EarthHero’s site experience, Damir loves making it as easy as possible for everyone to make more sustainable and ethical choices. When he’s not in the office, you’ll find him out on a long trail or picking up a new hobby.

Stephanie Brudwick

Accounts Payable

Stephanie moved to Boulder in 1999 to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder. Majoring in Environmental Studies, Stephanie has always been passionate about protecting the environment. One of her hobbies is adopting new Zero Waste practices so it seemed like a perfect fit to join the Team at EarthHero. Stephanie comes to EarthHero with more than 17 years of experience in the nonprofit environmental education field and is eager to spread the word about all of the sustainable products that we sell. When not paying the bills for EarthHero, Stephanie can be found practicing yoga, gardening, skiing, saving jars for reuse, or hiking with her husband and son.

Danny Irving

Manager of Sustainable Gifting

Growing up on the east coast, Danny had heard so much about life out West, and wanted to see what all the hubbub was about. He moved to Boulder hoping to find a job with a company whose ideals align with his own, and he found that and more at EarthHero! Danny sees the mission of EarthHero as a vital step in the business of e-commerce, and is so happy to be part of this growing and successful team. Outside of work, Danny loves to cook, rock climb, make a great cup of Joe, and drive around.

Daley Crowley

Digital Marketing Manager

Daley grew up in rural Vermont where sustainable concepts like composting, gardening, and buying locally were second nature to her. Upon entering college, she realized a sustainable lifestyle wasn’t practiced by most people around her, so she quickly began to educate herself and others on the importance of protecting our planet. When Daley saw an opening on the marketing team at EarthHero, she knew it would be the perfect opportunity to use her marketing experience at a company that shares her passion for the environment – so off to Boulder she went! In her free time, Daley likes to be outdoors – gardening, swimming, hiking, picnicking, you name it!

Quin Girardin

Community Experience Lead

Working in the outdoor industry for years, Quin’s passion for the environment and keeping our planet clean is at the forefront of everything she does. Growing up in Michigan on the Great Lakes, she saw firsthand how plastic pollution can affect our beautiful planet. Moving from the lakes to the mountains, Quin soon realized how many opportunities for growth she was going to have. she spotted EarthHero and made it her goal to work there. As an enneagram 9, the peacemaker, Quin strives to solve problems, and she’s dedicated to finding peace for others. In her free time, she loves tending to her more than 50 house plants, composting, gardening, hiking, backpacking, and educating people on Leave No Trace and how to be a conscious consumer.

Daniel Cowell

Director of Operations

As a transplant from the all too busy northeast, Dan moved out to Colorado ten years ago to further his passion for the outdoors and do his part in protecting our environment. When he saw the opportunity to be a part of something as consequential as EarthHero is he jumped at the chance to join the growing team. Having worked in the outdoor industry in a variety of positions for his entire life, Dan saw the impact that a throwaway culture can have and no longer wanted to turn a blind eye to being part of the problem and wanted to start working with an amazing crew of people helping to find a solution! When not working to optimize our warehouse operations you can try to keep up with Dan on a mountain bike or laying early morning skin tracks west of his home in Nederland with his wife and daughter.

Travis Scholz

Warehouse Support Associate

Originally from the northeast, Travis’s love for the outdoors and a desire for something new brought him to Colorado 3 years ago. His passions include music, art, outdoor adventures and volunteering at various animal shelters through the years. He’s excited to be a part of the EarthHero team and it’s sustainability goals.

snacks icon

Company Snacks

Our kitchen is always stocked with goodies from our local zero-waste grocer, guaranteed to satiate any on-coming snack attack.

discount icon

Employee Discount

EarthHero has thousands of sustainable products that we truly love (the proof is in our Sourcing Methodology), and offers a significant discount to all team members.

medical icon

Medical + Dental Insurance

We want to make sure our employees are staying safe and healthy 100% of the time – we just try to make it easier.

pets icon

Pet-Friendly Office

Pups are a core part of our team, and you’ll find them in our meetings, outside during our breath breaks, and greeting any visitors.

work icon

Flexible Work Environment

Most employees have the opportunity to design their work schedule on days and hours that work best for them.

vacation icon

Flexible PTO

Personal time off is just that—personal—and our flexible PTO policy allows team members to design a vacation schedule to meet their needs, whatever that may be.

Let's meet up

If you’re interested in joining our team, or want to partner with us, we’re excited to meet you on your journey, wherever you are.

Ready to take a big step in your sustainability journey but not sure where to go?

We're always looking for team members that are passionate about making the world a better, greener place. While we might not have any open roles at the moment, we'd still love to know you're out there and interested. Send us a bio and your resume over to jobs@earthhero.com and we'll keep you in mind for when the right position opens up!